Skin Journal

2 8   D A Y S   T O   R E J U V E N A T I O N 


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Welcome to the skin revolution. Learn to understand, love and care for your skin with this 28 day guide to rejuvenation. Experience a step-by-step daily model that provides you with useful daily tips and tricks, real facts and information, plus insight from experts about the beautiful new habits you will be creating. 

The journal is 28 days long, but understanding the skin that you’re in, and treating it with love and respect, is a habit that will last for life.

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Not only does this naturally beautiful journey include a daily 28 day tracking module, it also EDUCATES and INSPIRES you to understand your skin, understand your soul and dive deep into re-connection.

Learn everything from the layers of your skin, what skin type you have, hormonal changes, your body internal needs, mindfulness around skin health, how to simple switch to Natural products for makeup routine and SO MUCH MORE!  

What we put on our skin Matters
— Dr Libby Weaver
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