SpringSchool Holiday Program

Transitioning to high school is hard enough as it is - making new friends, meeting new teachers and learning new things - it can be overwhelming. Many adolescents also start experiencing skin issues in the early years of high school, but unfortunately there is a lot of confusion, embarrassment and misinformation that could be avoided with the right guidance.

We want girls to feel confident as themselves and we do not want them to feel the need to “cover up” their natural, unique, beautiful complexions. Of course, as an MUA, Georgina loves makeup and believes it can be fun, creative and awesome way to give you self-esteem boost. However, it is so essential to have a beautiful, happy, confident “base” underneath!

This is a workshop to teach them why self-love is always the first step in beauty!

It is a workshop to teach them how to treat different skin issues with natural, healthy products - AND how to implement a healthy routine.

This includes looking after their gut with lots of yummy, clean food (yup - sometimes it takes a stranger for the “eat your vegies” to really sink in!).

This is not a workshop to encourage your child to wear makeup (though if your child has expressed an interest in experimenting with makeup - it is a fun way for them to get some lessons while also learning about the kind of makeup that is good for their skin).

Expressions of Interest

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Name (of parent or guardian enquiring)
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