Consciously choosing

The hardest step is not choosing the perfect foundation or lipstick; the most confronting part is consciously choosing to make the switch.

Step out of your comfort zone and do something amazing for your health. Going against the norm and doing something different from your friends, shines light on you as an individual. You will not only have glowing skin because you are finally looking after it with incredible products, your skin will begin to love you in return too! 

Every morning you'll have the peace of mind you are doing something wonderful for your health!


Inside out

Fuelling your body with processed foods, sugars and unnecessary fats will not help you glow naturally – Natural Organic Products are amazing, however they cannot work wonders if the conscious switch is not taking place for your inner health.

I can guarantee you, once you make the switch, you will want to create a healthier version of you from the inside out. No amount of makeup or skin care will make you feel as good as healthy inner gut. (More about Gut health in other tabs)


Don’t overhaul everything at once

If you are anything like me, when I put my mind to something, I go to the extreme and start afresh – When I decided to make the switch and stop creating makeovers with the mainstream products and start looking after my skin and those of my clients, I threw out everything that had The Dirty Dozen in it (we will touch on this soon)


Get advice

Order samples from everywhere you can, it will allow you to test and try products before committing to 50 – 100mls of it. We have all bought a foundation that does not suit our skin and the full bottle is still sitting in our bathroom. That is why I have gifted you a beauty goodie bag with some of my favourite products for you to try at your trial !

Connect with me! Send me an email after this workshop and keep in touch as I will be able to advise you on everything you need to know about making the switch. I will be able to help you with foundations for your specific skin type and colour matching, to the correct way of application and genuine additional products you may like to try. I always love hearing from everyone who is on this journey!


Start small and grow

Start at the basics and move on from there. Look at your moisturiser, foundation and lipstick first. You can then move onto the powders, body lotion, shower gels once you fall in love (wont take long).

TIP – Look at the top three products you use the most and switch them over, slowly and consciously swap over your other products once they run out.

The aim of making the switch is not to reach a destination; it is to be on a journey and continuously building on your natural health and beauty. Consciously choosing the best ingredients, food and products that will impact your life in great ways.


Top reasons why to make the switch

It will save you money! It will eliminate you visiting department stores where the sales people may be selling you products that are unnecessary and Natural Organic products actually last so much longer as you don't need much product at all because your skin is already naturally glowing!

Your skin will be naturally glowing and you will be able to use less and less product every day because your skin will be glowing NATURALLY.