Understanding your Bronzers

You may think that a powder, because it’s dry, won't soak into your skin and the toxic ingredients (like talc, paraben, synthetic preservatives and fragrances) won't be harm you. I’m afraid to tell you that your mainstream bronzer is doing a lot more damage than you think!


With the huge range of bronzers out there, from almost every makeup brand, it’s no surprise that choosing a bronzer can be difficult. After feedback from my makeup clients and workshop attendees, I’ve decided to do the hard work for you and select my four favourite powdered bronzers on the market right now. Each one is slightly different so you can choose the one that suits you.



Inika -

A gorgeous sun-kissed glow that you be bought in pressed powder or loose powder form. There are four beautiful shades to suit your skin tone and bronzing preferences. Keep in mind that pressed powder is not as pigmented as loose powder, but you have far more control over the product with a pressed powder.

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Lilly Lolo -

I use this for a contour finish because it is matte rather than shimmery. Beautiful buildable colour that compliments all skin tones. If you find you are acne prone or have lots of scars on your cheeks that dull your confidence, try a matte finish. 

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Ere Perez -

This bronzer has a shimmery, glow finish. The two different colours allow you to create the perfect tone to compliment your complexion. Swirl your brush to pick up both colours and apply! 

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Contouring vs Bronzing - How is contouring different to bronzing? 

Bronzing is a shimmery, glowing colour. 

Contouring is a matte, flat colour. 


You can definitely use your bronzer as your contour to create more a natural finish. I do this almost every day! The placement is almost exactly the same as it would be with contouring, the difference being you are creating a shadow or ‘hollowing out’ when you contour, so it appears sharper and deeper in colour.

Another trick? Use your bronzer as your eye shadow. Contour the sockets of your eyes to create the perfect natural eye look.