HOW TO :: Perfect Foundation Colour

We’ve all been there - wearing a foundation colour that is way too dark, too tan, too yellow or too pink for our skin. It’s okay - embrace your mistakes, have a laugh and move on because I’m about to educate you on the easiest way to find the perfect foundation shade.

I get questions on my Instagram every day from women asking me about matching a foundation colour, so I thought it best to put my knowledge out into the world to teach you guys exactly what I ask for and look for when matching. 

First of all, you need to determine your colour and the undertone in your skin.

Are you pink? Yellow? Golden? 

The easiest ways to identify this is by looking at your chest, in particular your collarbones and décolletage area. I choose these two areas because they have the closest pigment match to your face and neck, making it way easier to blend and get a natural colour match.

Do you see a pinkish or yellowish colouring coming through?

If you notice more of a pink tone, select a foundation with a pinker undertone.

If you notice more of a yellow tone, choose a shade with a golden undertone.

If you are a regular fake tanner and want a colour to match your fake tan and not your actual skin, I recommend choosing from the ’tan’ colour range because they are usually based with green, the same as most fake tans. 

Have a look at this foundation colour indicator by Vapour.

I know sometimes it can be difficult to differentiate between what is a pink and yellow undertones, so I have circled each face in pink or yellow depending on the colouring. Looking at these visuals should make it easier to compare your own skin and figure out which shade category you are in.


Still confused or need a little guidance with finding the perfect foundation? 
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