Best foot forward


We are responsible for the energy we bring to every situation. We set ourselves up for success or failure everyday with our thoughts and the feelings we project onto the world; the most allergic reaction when it comes to business is self-confidence.


Yes, the idea of self-confidence may seem very black and white – either you have it or you don’t - but the journey to confidence in your business is tough and you will pass through many shades of grey.


Implement these tips to start to putting your best (and most confident) foot forward while operating your business.


1.    Play to your strengths

Admit to your brilliance – what are you AMAZING at? Embrace it! You also need to come clean about what really don’t like doing.

Schedule the things you DON’T like to do in your diary and make sure you get them done quickly and efficiently. If you follow this method, you get your least favourite tasks done first, and can spend the rest of your time doing the jobs you LOVE to do for your business.


If it helps, treat yourself to a yummy snack while you work or reward yourself when you cross something you dread of your to-do list. I stay motivated by thinking about the delicious lunch I’m going to make after I’m done.


2.    Asking for help

Putting your time and energy into a part of your business that you don’t enjoy can bring down your mood and effect your success. If you’re finding that certain areas are making you lose motivation or passion – do something about it.

If you’re at a point where you can afford to outsource, give it a go and see how it pans out.

Asking for help is not a weakness, it’s a strength. You have been intelligent enough to identify an area of your business that you struggle with or don’t have time to manage. Having the confidence to reach out is something to be proud of – plus it gives you more time to work on the things you LOVE doing.


3.    Being selfish isn’t dirty

When you hear someone described as being selfish, it is often an automatic reaction to assume they are a bad or rude person.

In business, especially your own, you need to be a selfish person (in a positive way) to put your dreams, goals and aspirations before anything else.

Think about this – where are you giving too much? Your time is gold when it comes to running your own business. The time you do spend should be fully focused and inspired, which is why playing to your strengths and asking for help to free up your time is a good kind of selfishness.


The only way to stay sane, motivated and passionate about your business is to also be selfish with your personal time.  

Reenergizing, realigning and doing what you love – going to the gym, going for a walk, laying in the sunshine, reading a book by the fire, catching up with your bestie, having a long bath, whatever tickles your fancy! Just remember that the time you take to re-charge your batteries is just as golden as the time you spend releasing your energy into your work.


4.    Physically feeling your best

This week for me has been outright hideous - I haven’t done my hair at all, I have barely put makeup on, I have eaten Maccas more than once, I haven’t been to the gym and I’ve convinced myself that I’m sick (I’m totally not sick).

And do you know what I have gotten done this week? ZILCH. I’ve achieved nothing!

Sometimes you need a break, but this week I have felt a little too unproductive and down in the dumps for my liking.


So today is the day I woke up and decided to take control. The first thing I did was take my gorgeous puppy for a walk. I then blow dried my hair and applied some beautiful products by Ere Perez (I love the glow that they give me). I already feel so much better.


Make sure you do something – even one tiny thing - for yourself every morning. It will be a positive start to your day and make it easier to feel confident and amazing throughout the rest of the day.


When we feel on top of our game, it oozes out into the world and manifests into every single interaction we have. You will feel extra focused, extra happy and extra confident -  and your business will love you for it!