Why I rarely use powder

Choosing a perfect foundation is like choosing the right bra. Not too tight, not too small, but you want to enhance your features and have the best fit for your benefits – just like foundation, you don’t want a foundation to sit uneven on your skin and have a blotchy dry finish.

I get it, you may be oily and you are wanting to soak up with oiliness or you may be too dry and you want a natural coverage.

Either way you are wanting to achieve a flawless, natural appearance that has a finish of “no makeup”, am I right?

Well your not alone, because every day I hear people (especially brides who are wanting a natural coverage) going straight of a powder.

You can achieve the desired glowing skin by applying a light liquid & powder foundation keeping it as natural as if it was your skin radiating.

A powder foundation can come in many different types, translucent, finishing, setting & tinted, however never use just a powder as your foundation and I am going to sprinkle light on why…

:: It will create an uneven finish

:: It will not protect your delicate skin

:: Can produce more shine (You probably don’t want a greasy shine am i right?)

:: It can create oil flow

:: It will grab hold onto dry areas!

Powder foundation is something I use every day over my liquid foundation.

I still want to give powder the glitter it deserves because it is a must in our makeup bag, if you use it in the correct way. 

Here are the benefits

:: Great Mattifyer when applied to the oilier areas (when using the correct skin care and priming products for your oily skin)

:: Prevent your makeup from sliding off your face

:: Prevent foundation migrating into fine lines

:: Certain powders will reduce the look of fine lines & pores

:: Great setter for any cream products used

:: Eliminates that chalky white cash back from a camera flash (definitely won’t be uploading that photo!)

See! there are so many more reasons to love powder, however just don’t use it in place of a liquid foundation if you are after that natural sheer finish.

Use a light tinted moisturiser or BB Cream under the powder or even (PRO TIP!) mix your concealer with your primer and create that awesome sheer covered skin – Check out My Makeup and Skincare Tips ‘n’ Tricks for an abundance of Pro Tips to achieve Glowing Autumn Skin


Only ever use the sponge that comes with the power for touch ups – always use a brush with your powder. It will save your dollars in the long run and you will create a flawless finish

The best method is to use the Push and Roll action with your brush when applying your powder. Using the push & roll motion will set your liquid foundation and hold the product (concealer, cream eye shadows) exactly where they are supposed to be!

Avoid brushing quickly over your face as you will move your base around to create an uneven finish.

What should I do now you ask? 

:: Ditch using your powder as your foundation!

:: Try mixing your concealer with your primer as your liquid foundation

:: Lastly, Push and Roll your powder on and see what different it makes!

:: Check out my My Makeup and Skincare Tips ‘n’ Tricks for Glowing Autumn Skinfor some extra inspiration!

I would love to hear from you! 

Let me know what powder foundation products you and if you need any help with liquid foundations!
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