Why I made the Switch

Why did I make the switch from using products which the ‘normal’ makeup artists use to Natural, Non-Toxic, Organic, Eco Friendly, Animal Friendly, Vegan products? Well, the answer is in the question!  I want to look after my health, I want to look after the environment, the animals and the most important – YOU

The exposure to the wellness industry is huge! Eating fresh clean food, detoxing, using eco-friendly cleaning products and the wellness of our lifestyle is plastered all over magazines, Instagram and Facebook.

I now have one question for you…

Do you know what is in your skincare and makeup? It could be harming your body when you are trying to detox your lifestyle?

Being in the industry for 5 years and working in the mainstream cosmetic houses, I have found some amazing products that will cover, enhance & glow but I have now found some EVEN BETTER products that will do all that and so much more!
But for some reason it is a secret and now I want to expose the secret. I can guarantee you making this switch will make your skin and overall wellness so so so much better!


Our skin is our largest organ and 60-90% of the ingredients
is absorbed straight into our blood stream,
it does have a chance to detoxify like when we are eating


Those stats were the extra push I needed to completely overall my beauty kit and change to Organic Natural Beauty.

I work on beautiful womens faces daily, and I want to make sure that for the hour or so I am with them, I am doing the best I can for their health – This is my passion and this is my love!

When I wake up in the morning and clean my face – I want to make sure my skin has the best chance from the start of the day, so i choose a skincare range which is nourishing my skin helps produce a natural glow!

I am passion to make the awareness for Natural Beauty Products is oozing out for my skin because I want you (and the world world!) to know the effects using chemical based Skincare and Makeup is doing to their health.

To give to a quick look at what your lipstick is doing to your health for example –

The below ingredients are found in most mainstream lipsticks –

  • Methylparaben linked to cancer and disrupt the endocrine system
  • Propylparaben linked to cancer and can give serve skin irritation under the surface of your skin.
  • Retinyl Palmitate is a synthetic form of vitamin A that may be toxic to pregnant women
  • Colorants, such as D&C Red 36 and D&C Red 22 Aluminum Lake are typically tested on animals

I don’t want to be putting any of those chemicals on my skin, let alone putting them on other peoples skin that I have an invested interest in their health. 

Some questions to ask yourself if you are on the road to detoxing your lifestyle;

  1. Are you using sustainable products?
  2. Are you using products that will make your skin naturally glow?
  3. Are you using skin care that is looking after your body, not harming it?

You may think you are looking after your skin by having a strict skin regime that consists of makeup remover, cleaner, toner, exfoliate and moisturiser; however have you thought about what chemicals are in those products that could potentially be harming and stripping your precious skin?

So there you go! My reasons why I have made the switch to Natural Organic Beauty – I am invested in your health, wellness and beauty and I am only going to be using products on you that will benefit your life.

Sending love