Dry, Dehydrated or Unloved?

Identifying your skin type can be difficult. Understanding what is happening to your skin due to hormonal changes, seasonal changes or product change can really confuse the every day beauty!

This is why I am going to help you identity three similar skin concerns that are similar but different!

Dry skin is a skin type – Dehydrated skin is a skin concern – Unloved skin is trying to hide from underlying the reasons your skin is reacting, dry and dehydrated!

The main signs for DRY skin –

:: Tightness and uncomfortable feeling on the face once you wash it and before you :: moisturize

:: Flakey skin in certain areas or all over the face

:: Foundation catching to dry areas of the face

:: No oil production which results in a dull complexion

:: Can easily be irritated and sensitive

My advice for DRY skin – SKIN TYPE

With the correct products, you can maintain your dry skin very easily,

I have always had extremely dry skin. I use the correct skin products and makeup that gives my skin the nourishment, hydration and moisture it needs. I have no issues with my skin as I have a complete understanding of its needs and wants daily!

: Optimum hydration , using face oil or serum will deliver the much-needed hydration to your skin.

:: Milk cleanser will hydrate your skin instead of stripping any oils that a gel cleanser may do.

:: Gentle exfoliate

:: Hydrate – Hot water and lemon in the morning and H2O ALL DAY!

:: Moisturize AM & PM after you have removed your makeup (using coconut oil is a good alternative because it is extremely hydrating for the skin while you are removing your makeup) Use a milk cleanser and then Moisturize along with Serum or Face Oil.


:: Erica Brooks Manuka Honey Crème Cleanser

:: Erica Brooks Face Oil

:: MADARA Sunflower Tinting Fluid as my everyday foundation

The main signs for DEHYRTAED skin – SKIN CONCERN

:: Makeup tends to come off certain areas and leave a shiny patch behind

:: You have the feeling of dryness now and then, however never experienced dry all over the face all the time.

:: Your skin changes with the climate and weather

:: Expression lines are deep / apparent

:: Large pores and excessive blackheads

:: Breakouts on the chin and/or t-zone


My advice for DEHYDRATED skin –

:: First thing in the morning, a glass of hot water with lemon is crucial to begin the hydration process

:: Hydrate – Drink plenty of water throughout the day

:: Do not exfoliate

:: SERUM / FACE OIL – Moisturizing is critical in your morning and night routine. I would defiantly pair your moisturizer with serum or face oil as it penetrates deeper into all skin layers.

:: Spritz a toner after your cleaner & throughout the day (it will not remove your makeup, just hydrate your skin)


:: Rose Blossom Hydrating Mist Toner by MUTIK will provide that extra hydrating after your cleanser.

:: Marigold Hydrating Crème by MUTIK

:: Erica Brooks Face Oil

:: Coconut Oil will work the trick too!

The main signs for UNLOVED skin –

:: Do not know your skin type

:: Dry and dehydrated

:: Too busy to understand your skin type

:: Too busy to get the right foundation or information

:: Using the same products for the past 5 years

My advice for UNLOVED skin

The one and only tip –

Take the time to email me with your skin concerns and I will recommend you some products and we can go from there!

And there you go beauties!

If you need any other advice please connect and send me an email hello@georginaalexandra.com